Good relationships don’t happen or stay that way just because you want them to.
They require commitment, resilience and hard work.

Although conflict is inevitable in all intimate relationships, problems that continue to spiral out of control are not. The key to interrupting this painful cycle is learning to communicate constructively in ways that make it possible to manage conflict and get back to intimate connection.

While couples are aware of the importance of communication, we are often unable to implement effective skills. The Intentional Dialogue, the heart and cornerstone of Imago Therapy, is a skill-based template that facilitates finding solutions to conflict. It enables us to communicate thoughtfully and respectfully in an open, honest and non-defended way, even when things get heated.

Imago Therapy (Harville Hendrix, Getting the Love You Want ) takes a relationship/couple approach rather than an individual approach to working through long-standing problems and unresolved personal conflicts. The focus is on collaboratively helping one another to heal childhood wounds that undermine our best efforts to love and be loved. In so doing, we learn that even with two different perceptions, we can stay connected and avoid the gridlock that anchors us to our past.

If you and your partner find yourselves helpless to restore the closeness you once felt, Imago Therapy provides a safe container for change to occur. Whether committed or unsure, in love or in crisis, couples often report finding relief and hope in the first session.

I have been in private practice for over 38 years, combining Imago Relationship Therapy, contemporary relational psychoanalytic theory and Internal Family Systems. I see both individuals and couples and specialize in working with relationship problems, depression (situational, long term or treatment-resistant), attachment trauma and disorders, addictions, aging, compulsive eating and grief/loss/bereavement.